Eternal Halloween

Image 7, courtesy of Unsplash

The streets are filled with ghouls and goblins swinging bags and plastic pumpkins as they hurry to meet their friends.

I can feel the excitement in my bones. Tonight is the night! I look at myself and nod. I’m ready!

When a group of kids run by, I step onto the sidewalk. “Hey! Wait up!” 

They stop and turn. “Cool costume!” says the cowboy. 


“Do we know you, Skeleton?” asks the robber.

“I don’t think so, I’m Mikey. I used to live here. Can I go with you guys?”

They look at each other and shrug, “Sure.”

We run up sidewalks and ring doorbells, calling out “Trick-or-Treat!” We visit every neighborhood and soon our bags are bursting at the seams.

“I wish this night would never end!” I say.

“Me, too,” says the ninja, “but I gotta be home by 9.”

Porch lights start to switch off, and one by one, my new friends say good-bye.

Finally, I make it home. The rusty gate squeals as I push it open. I drag my feet slowly up the path and stop beside the stone that reads:


Mikey Taylor


I can’t wait for next year!

35 thoughts on “Eternal Halloween

  1. This story is so great! I love a surprise ending! You wrote a spooky story that is not-too-scary and is perfect for MG readers! Great work!


  2. Mwahaha. Great Halloween story, Lindsey, with very authentic voice and dialogue. You really brought this image to life! @AnneLipton


  3. As stated earlier, this was just the right amount of spooky. I enjoyed this very much. I am amazed at how many writers can write a full story with so few words. Well done. Stay well.


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