Holiday Helper Contest

It’s contest time again – the 10th annual holiday contest, to be exact! This time it must be a kid-friendly story about a holiday helper, not to exceed 250 words.

A big thank you to Susanna Hill for hosting and the volunteer judges for taking time out of their busy holiday schedules to bring us this event!

You can read my entry below, then check out the others here.

Happy Holidays!

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All Was Bright

250 words

It was a silent night. 

Mouse had just settled in his warm bed when he heard a clop-clop, clop-clop, clop-clop, outside. 

“There’s no room in the inn, but you can stay here.” said the inn-keeper.

The door opened. A man and a woman entered the stable. 

Mouse hid under the straw and peered out at the strangers. 

He watched them until his eyelids grew heavy and he drifted off to sleep.

The cries of an infant woke him. 

The animals stirred.

“It’s the Christ child!” said Cow.

“It is a Holy night!” exclaimed Horse.

Mouse looked down at the dirt floors. He looked up to the bare rafters. This place was not fit for a King. 

We must do something! He thought and scurried outside.

All was calm.  

He spied his friend Camel sleeping. 

“Wake up! I need your help!”

“Go away.” Camel mumbled.

“But baby Jesus is here! Asleep in the manger.”

“In the dirty old stable?!” Camel exclaimed. “We must do something!”

They gathered palm leaves and wove them into a garland. Mouse added colorful bows made from strips of Camel’s blanket.

“It’s not enough,” said Mouse.

“Wait here.” said Camel. 

Soon, he returned with a beautiful lantern held carefully between his teeth.

They eased the stable door open. 

Mouse scampered up and looped the garland around the rafters.

Camel carefully placed the lantern above the sleeping family. 

Then they stood back and admired their work. 

The baby smiled in His sleep.

Their hearts swelled.

All was bright. 

30 thoughts on “Holiday Helper Contest

  1. Great story! We must have been hit with the same “story magic”. My story is also about a little mouse that comes to help Baby Jesus! Great job and good luck in the contest! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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