Valentiny Contest – 2nd Entry

I had so much fun writing my entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentiny Contest that I wrote another one! Please say hello to Freddie Frog!

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Freddie Frog’s Valentine

208 words
By Lindsey Hobson

It was February 13th, and Freddie Frog was fretting. 

The Meadow’s annual Valentine’s Party was the next day, and he didn’t have a date!

Hopping along, he saw his friend Sally Snake, “Hello Sally! Would you go to the Valentine’s party with me?” 

“Sssss-orry, Freddie, I’m already going with Steven Salamander.”

“Oh, okay,” Freddie said, and he hopped on. 

He saw Polly Porcupine, “Hi, Polly! Would you be my date tomorrow?”

Polly smiled, “I would love to, but Shawn Skunk already asked me.” 

“Thanks anyway,” Freddie said, and he hopped on. 

Soon, he saw Henrietta Hedgehog, “Ho, Henrietta, come to the party with me!”

“You waited too long! I’m already going with Harry Hedgehog!”

“Have fun!” Freddie said, and he hopped on.

Hopeless, he returned home.

The next morning, while everyone was baking delicious heart shaped treats for the party, Freddie sulked.

That afternoon, while everyone was dressing in their best pink and red outfits, Freddie pouted.

When the party started, and cheerful music filled the air, Freddie paced.

“This isn’t fair!” he declared. “I want to go to the party, too!

Freddie gathered his courage, put on his best bow fly-tie, and hopped over to the gathering, alone.

“Freddie!” his friends said. “We’re so glad you’re here!”

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