50 Precious Words

Time for another writing contest! This one challenges participants to write a complete children’s story in 50 words or less! The mastermind behind this event is Vivian Kirkfield (check out her blog here). Trying to write such a short story has really helped me flex my revision muscles and helped me focus on making each word count! You can read my story below! 👇 😊

Courtesy of jing.fm

Mama Roo

By Lindsey Hobson

Word count: 50

One day, Rooster decided to hatch an egg.

He tried to lay his own.

Out popped…

A poo.

He tried to adopt, instead.

But Henny chased him away.

Then, he spied an egg, all alone.

Roo sat…

        and sat… 

                and sat…

Finally, CRACK!

Out popped…

a baby crocodile?!



Courtesy of jing.fm

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