🌼🌸Spring Fling🌸🌼

**UPDATE** This story was published in the Natural Wonder issue of Little Thoughts Press!

Oh, how excited I am that Spring is finally here! This year, I’m kicking off my favorite season with a Spring GIF inspired writing contest. You can read more about the contest here. I met my wonderful critique partners during the Fall version of this contest (Fall Frenzy) and I’m so proud of how far we have all come on our writing journeys. Check out their blogs below:




I hope you enjoy my story and Happy Spring!!

Courtesy of acegif.com

The Lost Ladybug Project

By Lindsey Hobson

Word count: 137

Millie peered through the magnifying glass. “Nope.”

She inched through the grass, pausing to inspect a blade. “Not quite.”

“What are you doing?” asked her little brother, Max.

“Shhh… I’m on an important mission for the Lost Ladybug Project.” She lifted a leaf and inspected underneath. “YES! I found one!” 

Max hurried over, startling the little red and black bug who prepared to take flight.

“Careful!” Millie warned. 

They both held their breath.

Soon, the ladybug relaxed, tucking its translucent wings back under their spotted shell.

“Whew,” Millie exhaled. “Go ahead, count the spots!”  

“One, two, three-four-five, six, seven, eight…”

“NINE!” blurted Millie. “I found a NINE-SPOTTED ladybug!”

“Oh, do you win a prize?” asked Max.

Millie lifted her camera and snapped a picture. “Finding this rare ladybug IS the prize! Come on, let’s look for more!”

The End


Author’s Note:

The nine-spotted ladybug used to be one of the most common species in America, but their population has dramatically decreased — at one point they were thought to be extinct! The Lost Ladybug Project utilizes community participation to find, photograph, and upload data to help scientists understand what is happening to this helpful insect.

Visit www.lostladybug.org to learn more!

22 thoughts on “🌼🌸Spring Fling🌸🌼

  1. I hadn’t heard of that project before, but I know some kids who will want to check it out.
    Thank for sharing such a neat idea and you wove it into a story so well! The finding is the prize 🙂


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