Spring Fling Kidlit 2022

Although it’s supposed to be 🌻Spring🌷 here in the Ozarks, it still feels too cold for this grumpy momma bear. To keep my fingers warm, I decided to enter the Spring Fling Kidlit contest again this year. Unlike the Fall Frenzy contest, you can choose any gif you can find online that inspires you to write a spring‐themed kidlit story… as long as it doesn’t exceed 150 words. My story squeaked in just under that limit with 149 words. Read on and wake me up when it’s warmer. 😉🥶


Wake Up, Bear

Word count 149

Bear tossed and turned.

He grumbled and groaned.

No matter how hard he squeezed his eyes closed, they sprung right back open.

He kept thinking about Skunk skiing, Badger building snowmen, and Chipmunk sipping cocoa. 


Finally, as the first flower poked out of the ground, Bear’s heavy eyelids closed.

“Wake up Bear!” shouted Skunk.

Bear snored.

“Get up, Sleepyhead!” bellowed Badger.

Bear snoozed.

“Spring has sprung!” called Chipmunk.

Bear slumbered.

“Now what?” asked Skunk.

“He told us to wake him at the first sign of Spring!” insisted Badger.

“I have an idea!” Chipmunk scurried away and returned with a giant snowball. 

The friends lifted it and took aim.

Snow exploded over Bear’s head and he shot out of bed.

“Happy Spring!” said Skunk.

“We saved you a snowball!” said Badger.

“So you wouldn’t miss out.” added Chipmunk.

“Did you bring any hot cocoa?” yawned Bear.

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