🍂Fall Writing Frenzy 2022🎃


Hello fellow ghouls and goblins, it’s that time again! For the Fall Writing Frenzy contest you are challenged to choose one of the picture prompts and write a story for children using 200 words or less. Read on for my 197-word young adult entry!

Fall- Credit: Daniele Colucci for Unsplash

The Curse

By Lindsey Hobson


197 words

Scarlett peers down the alley, her amber-colored eyes probing the dark shadows, alert to any danger. Finding none, she steps into the inky blackness, her footsteps echoing on the cobblestone path.

Her skin tingles. After years of searching for their hideout, she’s only a few feet away. She forces herself to walk slowly; it will not pay to be careless now.

The alley ends at a wooden door inlaid with two silver hatchets forming an X in the center. The sharp edges shine menacingly in the light of the harvest moon.

The symbol of the Order of the Woodcutters.

She lowers the hood of her signature blood-red cloak, revealing thick chestnut-colored fur
and two-inch long fangs – daily reminders of that fateful trip through the woods the day her grandmother died.

For as long as she can remember, Scarlett has watched the Witch add to her army of wolves by cursing innocent people, just like her. But tonight everything will change… if she can convince the Woodcutters to form an alliance with the animals they hunt.

She knocks once and whispers the password: What big teeth you have. The door opens inward and Scarlett steps across the threshold.

197 words

14 thoughts on “🍂Fall Writing Frenzy 2022🎃

  1. I love this! Very interesting… I think our minds were in tandem on this one! A slightly different path and a slightly different story, but lots of similarities… funny! I love that Scarlett is trying to get the woodcutters and wolves to work together! To defeat the witch! Great descriptions! Fabulous!


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