First Line: Disconnected

Disconnected by Riley Cross

Welcome to the second installment of my “first line” blog post series. This week’s line comes from DISCONNECTED, a young adult dystopia novel by Riley Cross. This book will be available on May 10, 2023, where books are sold. You can pre-order this novel on B&N or Amazon!

I really enjoy dystopian stories, and although I’ve read numerous books in this genre, I was thrilled that the author was able to put such a unique spin on this tale. You can read my review here.

Let’s get started!

My gray eyes trailed the heavens where a blue patch of sky slowly surrendered to the jaws of a hungry storm cloud.

First Thoughts:

  • This line is so descriptive, I’m immediately drawn into the story
  • I want to keep reading to see what will happen when the storm hits
  • I want to know whose gray eyes are scanning the sky

Why I love this line:

  • There’s already tension — something brewing below the surface
  • There’s a feeling of being helpless but also powerful at the same time
  • It’s poetic and beautiful

Interview with the author:

Q: What did you hope to convey with your first sentence?

Riley: With the first sentence, I wanted to convey more than imagery or setting. I wanted a foreshadowing of the greater message. We can rewrite our scripted, societal fates if we are bold enough to defy it. When Chiara traces a protective but imaginary line in the sky to protect the blue patch from the storm cloud, a spirit of defiance emerges. It’s an important message for YA readers to claim their own boldness and find that resilience within.

Q: How many rewrites did it take to nail the perfect first line?

Riley: I love this question because it wasn’t just a rewrite, but an overhaul! The first chapter now wasn’t the originally planned first chapter. After years of writing, I ended up fixing the timeline to include the earlier tragedy only hinted at throughout the book. The first line was written almost around the same time as the last line was being polished and worked through with my beta reading team. There is some irony in that for sure!

Q: What is your favorite first line of any book?

Riley: My first favorite line comes from The Giver, by Lois Lowry, “It was almost December, and Jonas was beginning to be frightened.”

The setup of a reason to care from line one is a technique that I admire! Plus, this is my all-time favorite novel!

I’m very appreciative to Riley for answering some questions about her first line. If you’re looking for an exciting read, be sure to pre-order a copy or request a copy at your library.

As always, thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

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