Middle Grade Review — She’s Still Here

Welcome back to my book review series. This month, I’m reviewing SHE’S STILL HERE, by Caitlin Alexander. This middle grade mystery is full of spooky twists and turns and is perfect for fans of Nancy Drew and Mary Downing Hahn. This book is currently available where books are sold.

Let’s dive in.

My review:

When Kate’s mom takes a new job, Kate is less than thrilled to be starting 7th grade in a new school. But things improve when Kate makes a friend, a quiet girl named Jane — that is until Kate realizes she’s the only one who can actually see Jane. Deciding to choose friendship over fear, Kate uses her newfound gift of sight to help Jane discover how she came to be stuck in Ravendale Middle School in hopes that the knowledge will set Jane free.

Full of spooky moments and terrifying nightmares, SHE’S STILL HERE, kept me on the edge of my seat until the end! I loved the mystery, the dangerous suspects, and the kooky cast of B characters. I honestly did not know how this was going to end!

This book is the first in a new paranormal investigator series, and I can’t wait to see what Kate gets herself into next!

What I loved:

  • This book had a very interesting list of suspects. I truly did not know “whodunit” until the very end.
  • The characters were very well written, from the main character down to the most minor of characters. Each had a very distinct personality.
  • There were some great spooky scenes, but nothing that would scare off any potential readers!
  • The relationship between Kate and her mom was very endearing.
  • Kate is tenacious and brave. Something I love about middle-grade horror is that it is not written to scare kids, but to show them how brave they are.

Author Bio:

Caitlin Alexander is an author and award-winning journalist. She loves ghost stories and lives with her husband and children in southeast Minnesota.

If you have read this book, or plan to, let me know in the comments and make sure to follow Caitlin on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, or visit her website here.

As always, thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

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