“The world belongs to those who read.”

Rick Holland


I’m Lindsey Hobson.

I live in Southwest Missouri, in a beautiful area known as the Ozarks with my husband and daughter. We share our home with an elderly dachshund, an adorable rescue pup, and five chickens (well, to be fair, the chickens live outside). Our furry and feathered friends are a constant source of entertainment!

I have always enjoyed stories, both reading them and writing them. I took a creative writing class in high school, but after graduation writing took a back seat. Then, my daughter was born and my passion for stories was reignited. When a local book store held a contest, my husband encouraged me to enter. I didn’t place but was told not to give up. I couldn’t have quit even if I had tried — I had been bitten by the writing bug!

In January of 2020, I self-published a picture book, “Blossom’s Wish” through Amazon. This book is a version of a story I used to tell my daughter before bed. Self-publishing this book was such a rewarding experience. I was thrilled when this story was chosen “Best Picture Book of 2020” by the Missouri Writers’ Guild!

I have also written several fictional short stories for adult readers. One of my short stories, “The Mother”, appears in the 2019 anthology, “Seasons of the Four States”, available on Amazon. Another short story titled, “Alley Springs, Population 1313” and a poem titled, “The Mirror”, were both selected for publication in the 40th Anniversary Edition of The Crowder Quill, a magazine published by Crowder College.

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