50 Precious Words 2022

March is one of my favorite months for two reasons: warmer days and writing contests. This one challenges you to write a complete children’s story (beginning, middle, and end) in just 50 words or less. Although that sounds next to impossible, I’m always blown away by the creative ways writers can craft a story usingContinue reading “50 Precious Words 2022”


***THIS STORY RECEIEVED AN HONORABLE MENTION!*** A BRAND NEW contest opens today and it’s one I’m really excited about because the judges are KIDS! The Kids’ Choice Contest is the brainchild of Kailei Pew (you can find her blog with all the entries here). It’s open for all kidlit writers — picture book, middle grade,Continue reading “KIDS’ CHOICE CONTEST”

Holiday Contest 2021 🎄

***** This story was a finalist ***** This year, Susanna Hill’s holiday writing contest challenges writers to create a children’s story in 250 words or less about a holiday contest. Sounds easy enough… except I just got my story written a few days before the deadline! Sometimes ideas are like a warm cup of teaContinue reading “Holiday Contest 2021 🎄”

🎃Halloweensie 2021🎃

It’s time for my favorite contest of the year — Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie contest! This one challenges writers to come up with a full story (beginning, middle, and end) for kids in 100 words or less that includes 3 specific words. This year, the words are: goodies, goosebumps, and glow-in-the-dark! Read on for myContinue reading “🎃Halloweensie 2021🎃”

50 Precious Words

Time for another writing contest! This one challenges participants to write a complete children’s story in 50 words or less! The mastermind behind this event is Vivian Kirkfield (check out her blog here). Trying to write such a short story has really helped me flex my revision muscles and helped me focus on making eachContinue reading “50 Precious Words”

Valentiny Contest

***This story received an Honorable Mention!*** It’s time for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 6th Annual Valentiny Contest! This year the theme is “brave”! Oh, the possibilities are endless! Well, as long as you can stay under 214 words, have a complete story arc, and appeal to children. 🥰 So, without further ado… I bring you myContinue reading “Valentiny Contest”


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