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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

Stephen King

Picture books

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Dark Skies – 447 words

At night, the city is made of light, but it’s much too bright for Laney’s constellation-loving papaw, who isn’t used to living in the city. When Papaw’s memories become as hazy as the city sky he decides to give up stargazing. Laney is determined to help him rediscover what he loves most — his family and the stars. Includes backmatter about Dark Sky Parks. 

Middle Grade

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The Girl in the Window – 36,900 words

Twelve-year-old Isabel Gordon’s summer plans come to a crashing halt when her home run hit smashes through a window in the creepy house next door. After hearing rumors about the house’s mysterious owner most of her life, Izzy is hesitant to own up to her mistake. When her mom arranges for her to work off her debt, Izzy just wants to complete her chores and get back home — that is, until the ghost of a young girl appears in an upstairs window with a cryptic message: HELP ME.

When Izzy attempts to help the girl recover her lost memories, including how she met her fateful end, she starts to realize how closely their stories intertwine. A friendship between the two girls blossoms until Izzy uncovers the truth – the girl remembers everything, and even worse, she has no intentions of letting Izzy leave her house. Izzy must show her forgiveness, and the true meaning of friendship, if she hopes to free them both.

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